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McRae IT can assist by providing MakeSense, a knowledge management and process improvement product for COBOL and Visual Basic Systems.

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The Solution

Program Call MapMakeSense is a software product which "makes sense" of large complex computer applications.

MakeSense analyses a complex IT system and presents it in a visual (GUI) environment, thereby allowing a user to navigate and understand the application in an intuitive way. Developers are able to track their way through complicated applications by viewing software components and their relationships. Documentation is tightly integrated with MakeSense so that a user has all the available information in one place. User comments can be added to the documentation "on the fly" which means that changes are not lost. The end result is continuous documentation improvement..

MakeSense is available with a variety of analysis levels and formats:

Inventory Analysis System Documentation Ful System Map Installed Product navagation image map

Imagine that you are managing the construction of  the Athens Olympic Complex from Melbourne?  Every day, new pavilions are built, new access roads are put in, etc.  Clearly you would need a map of the construction site which is updated on, say. a weekly basis.  You could ask people on-site to run around and update last week's map and send it down to Melbourne.  However, this is time consuming and may not be accurate.  Ideally this map would be generated automatically from satellite and other data on a periodic basis. Of course you would need to be able to click on a building and see how the rooms look, etc.  You might also want to click on the room and see whether the plumbing is finished, etc.

So it is when building large complex systems.  MakeSense automatically produces a map of all the software components and their relationships.  You can click on a component and see its relationship with other components.  You can see the sub components.  Each component has the documentation with the component and in some cases, has complexity measures.



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